Living in the Landscape

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April 19, 2023

Integrative Landscape Architectural Design. 

Cushman Design Group believes deeply in the integration of the architectural design of structures with the human experience of the natural land. The design of a home expands to the outer living areas and calls to be integrated into the environment, taking cues from the existing land and then connecting and applying how our clients yearn to inhabit their home. 

"North Hill House"

"North Hill House" | Photographer: Ryan Bent

"North Hill House" | Photographer: Ryan Bent

Our journey together begins with the analysis of the site.  We study and assess your new building, renovation, or addition, and we discuss with you your intention to inhabit the land and then begin to apply our landscape design experience to make recommendations. We enjoy looking at the site as a whole while exploring opportunities to create magic and character.


"Peak Sanctuary"

"Peak Sanctuary" | Photographer: Ryan Bent

"Peak Sanctuary" | Photographer: Ryan Bent

We are mindful of planning for and protecting the view. We design driveways, walkways and paths, stone water features and pools, and select plantings to create outdoor living spaces that respond to your building and its site.

 "Vibrant Vantage Point"


"Vibrant Vantage Point" | Photographer: Ryan Bent

"Vibrant Vantage Point" | Photographer: Ryan Bent

Most of all, we delight in the opportunity to instill beauty and create a connection between nature’s many textures, colors and forms.

"Mountain Farmhouse" | Photographer: Susan Teare


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