Heart of the Home: Kitchens

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November 23, 2022

Aromas wafting from the kitchen can instantly bring back favorite holiday memories. Warm, hearty meals, delicious comfort foods, and decadent baked desserts warm us up on the coldest winter days. We’ve gathered a collection of some of our favorite designs from recent projects. From cozy farmhouse to sleek and modern, we hope to inspire and celebrate the heart of the home. In the studio we love to hear about the features that make a kitchen perfect for our clients, which features are must-haves in your dream kitchen?

"Refreshed Farmhouse Kitchen" - Photography by Susan Teare

"Lakefront Modern" - Photography by Susan Teare

"Hilltop" - Photography by Susan Teare

"Western Contemporary" - Photography by Lindsay Selin

"Winterfell" - Photography by Ryan Bent

"Peak Sanctuary" - Photography by Ryan Bent

"Butterfly Ridge" - Photography by Susan Teare

"Contemporary Camp in the Woods" - Photography by Susan Teare

"Ridge View" - Photography by Lindsay Selin

"Contemporary Kitchen and Bath" - Photography by Susan Teare


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