North Hill House

Landscapes take time to mature, to weather and to grow into their intended magical character. Last summer, we revisited this stunning landscape which was installed in 2014 and was a collaborative design and construction project among our clients, their Montreal based landscape designer – Marc-Antoine Lebeau, Stowe based gardener – Benita Diamon of Benita’s Gardens for the planting and gardening, Morrisville based hardscape contractor – Bruce Paine,  General Contractor – Travis Cutler of Donald Blake Jr. Inc. in Morrisville, Tom Booska of Pool World in Burlington, and CDG’s building and landscape design. Our visit reminded us of the incredible combination of technical and engineering skills and the artistry and craft of design that it took to build and shape the existing steep raw hill side into a landscape that provides the qualities of refuge and prospect. Most of all, the beauty of the connection between nature’s many textures, colors and forms and the architecture calmed, comforted and exhilarated us.

See photography of this home's architecture and interiors here.