A staple of Vermont's Homes: Mudrooms

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October 24, 2019

Vermont’s fall season is the time when leaves change to vibrant red, yellow, and amber tones of orange that transform the mountains into a natural mosaic; when the cool breeze and rainy days introduce the extra layers and warm boots; and soon, the snow will fall.

These are just some of the transitional cues that arrive during the change from summer to fall. There comes a time when the once beloved autumn leaves start to fall off the trees and inevitably get carried into our homes. The cooler weather attire begins to clutter the house, and the snow gets tracked in on our boots ... the solution: a well-designed, hardworking mudroom that plays several roles in the functionality of a home.

Mudrooms come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. With benches, baskets, tables, cubbies, hooks, and drawers, there are endless design possibilities that can transform the way we interact with the entry space of our home. These spaces are the transition from how the exterior of the home looks to how the interior feels. Mudrooms are areas of great function, an essential transition between the outdoors and the indoors, keeping the leaves, snow, and mud from spreading throughout the house, and setting a comfortable and organized tone for the entire home. Mudrooms support the lifestyle of the social and adventurous people who live in and visit Vermont, providing a space of welcome and a place to put all the gear.

Here we feature a variety of mudrooms we have designed specific to our clients’ lifestyles and families.

A simply elegant mudroom, part of a classic Greek revival farmhouse cladded with custom milled hardwood panels, and durable slate floors that are easy to clean. This mudroom was designed for a growing family that has an inviting personality. When we were designing this house it became clear that the mudroom would be an essential passageway to their home. 

This mudroom was designed to be a prominent feature of the main entry of this beautiful, elegantly rustic home: Stylized barn boards, antiques, and detailed craftsmanship characterize this mudroom. The large bench provides space for 6-7 people to congregate after returning from a day's expedition. Along the walls are drawers, shelves, and hooks that provide ample room to store all the layers needed for skiing and recreating outdoors in the Vermont winters. Project: Homecoming

This mudroom specifically sets the tone for the personality of the house. For this project we restored an old barn into a home, a great example of the interior representing the exterior of the building. An important function of this space was to allow its users to come in and freely kick off their gear.

This contemporary mudroom is a more formal space to shed one's shoes and winter layers. As a space that connects you from the outdoors to the indoors, a mudroom is used to introduce guests into your home.

This particular mudroom has a specific role within the home. As the room welcomes people to the home, it becomes a hub connecting different spaces inside, managing circulation and the flow of people. Five different exits are present: the kitchen, screened-in porch, garage, basement, and the outdoors... an open concept mudroom with multiple storage sections designated for every person living in or using the home to organize their outside attire. 

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