Western Contemporary

When our clients moved from California to Vermont, they desired a new home that would be large enough to enjoy gatherings with family and friends. Their conscientious and selective use of natural materials harmonizes the building into its rural forested site. Public and private spaces are designed to take advantage of their exposure to the site’s sweeping views from its perch on the western slopes of Vermont’s Worcester Range. 

The building’s contemporary style reflects elements of a west coast home, large windows and glass garage doors are reminiscent of Californian architecture. Copper chimney cladding and roofing will oxidize over time and blend with the surrounding landscape’s green tones. The coloration and regionally contextual material choices of the roof further integrate the building into the landscape.

The glassed entry sequence of the home faces south, allowing plentiful sunlight to shine in, livening up the home, and creating a cheerful space to welcome visitors, particularly during the winter months when the sun’s projection just peaks over the mountains. The interior living spaces in the home follow an open concept with ample space to display artwork.