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December 22, 2022

Join us as we visit a renovated historic farmhouse, a contemporary mountainside home, and a romantic castle-like estate. 

Our firm had the opportunity to tour three of our projects as a group, talk about the details, and for some of us, experience the homes for the first time! While these three properties were uniquely different, they all had one thing in common. 

Our first stop was a renovated farmhouse, full of artistry, craftsmanship, creativity, and, most of all, a good story. When we pulled off the side of the road, we were transported back to Stowe in the 1800s. We had the privilege of a personal tour from the homeowners and heard about the legacy of the family-owned farm. We learned of the handwritten notes on the walls, the details of life lived year by year and season by season, and the care and concern taken to renovate and preserve the historic character of a multi-generational home. The original builders wrote the date the farm was constructed on a board found inside the walls, the farrier marked the wall each time the horses received new shoes, several pieces of original wood and timbers were repurposed and transformed into a handrail for the stairs, and so much more. One piece of timber showed over 200 growth rings, when it was cut more than 150 years ago. The floors are original boards, some wide and some narrow, all beautifully trimmed, sanded, and refinished.


Modern conveniences were added while preserving the look and charm of the farmhouse: dormers to expand space, a steepened roof to eliminate the need to shovel snow, and additional windows for increased natural light. The home is near net-zero thanks to solar panels inconspicuously installed on the barn, close attention to air-sealing, triple-pane windows, highly insulated double-wall construction, and the use of cold-climate heat pumps. 

Designed to complement the slope of the mountainside property, the second home we visited is accessed by a bridge to the front entry.

When we entered the home, our attention was immediately whisked away to the sweeping mountain views. The entire team was enamored.

Drawn back into the present moment, we took in the stunning details that bring peace and tranquility into this fabulous living space. An open great room is anchored by a stone fireplace, and a wall of windows connect the great room to the dining area and spacious kitchen.    



A favorite part of this project was how each room took advantage of the glorious view while also maintaining a feeling of comfort and warmth. This home includes a spacious crafting and design studio, a personalized office and lounge, ensuite family and guest bedrooms, and more!

Construction of the home is substantially complete, with landscape construction and plantings in process.



The third and final project we toured is still in the construction phase. Referred to as a "romantic castle," this custom home features many unique and interesting details, including a multi-level turret, ensuite family rooms, a movie theater, a built-in bar, a crafting studio, private office space with a plunge pool, and so much more.

It was a delight to walk through the footprint and experience the spaciousness and design of each room. In the photo below, Terri Gregory, Interior Design Specialist, explains how the light fixtures are "spotted" on the floor to locate each for the installer's layout.  



While each project was unique with its own story, its constraints, and its execution, a thread of connectivity shines through: the fabric of each home was woven by deeply listening to our clients and representing the heart of their dreams, wishes, and desires.


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