Rarely is there a family so grateful and appreciative of the art of craftsmanship and the creation of beauty that the home itself becomes deeply respectful and admiring of the families’ truths. Such is the case with this stunningly handsome and handcrafted family home, where beyond the majesty of the site are details representing the utmost creativity of each person who contributed to its design and construction.


In Our Clients' Words:
What an honor and pleasure it was to work side by side with Milford Cushman, Terri Gregory, Kelley Osgood and the team at CDG in designing and building our home. We savored and enjoyed every minute of the process. Ahh...Milford Cushman, the owner and leader of CDG. The moment we met Milford we knew that this was the man we wanted leading and directing every creative detail of our home. The thought processes that he goes through are engaging to watch and the end result is bar none. Milford's passion for life and everything beautiful in it, combined with his life and design experiences made our home our own. Milford and the CDG team study your wants and needs and don't rest until they are met with a one of a kind result.

If you are building in the surrounding Stowe area you will have the added bonus of the unique talents of the local Vermonters that the CDG team engage. From our builder, to the masons, the artistic iron workers and stone engravers that "live in the hills of Old Vermont", they all have a passion and love for their work. Even now, after all the workers and design teams are physically gone from our home, their presence is still alive because they have all put their hearts and souls into every detail into making our home our Homecoming!


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