Vermont Studio Center Kowalsky Building Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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June 19, 2017

On Friday, June 9, 2017 the Vermont Studio Center welcomed friends, members of the community, the project's designers and builders, staff, directors, trustees and its founders to celebrate the completion of the 1834 Kowalsky Annex preservation and 2017 addition to the 1896 Kowalsky House.

For an evening bursting with enthusiasm and energy, guests were greeted at the nearby Mason Green to enjoy music and refreshments before violinist Roland Clark led the crowd next door to the Kowalsky building. VSC President Gary Clark and Cushman Design Group President Milford Cushman spoke about the significance of the project affirming VSC's intention, and commitment to its mission of providing studio residencies in an inclusive, international community, honoring creative work as the communication of spirit through form. The ribbon was cut, and the doors opened to cheers and jubilation from many for whom VSC is close to the heart.

Thank you to all VSC staff who have contributed to this project's success including Gary Clark, President; Kathy Black, Program Director; Jim MacDowell, Plant Director; Tara Thacker, Visual Arts Director, Maria Robinson, Marketing & Communications Manager; Todd Haun, Interiors, Galleries, & Galleries Manager; Maxine Kelly, Finance/Human Resources Director; and many more. Thank you VSC Founders Jonathan Gregg, Frederick Osborne, and Louise von Weise as well as the Board of Trustees for your vision and commitment to the implementation of the Campus Master Plan.

CDG would also like to thank Architects of Record Jeff Schoelkopf and Jim Edgecombe of The Design Group; Mike Perpall, CDG Architect; and Tom Karlhuber, Architect, for their efforts, commitment to the process, and invaluable contributions. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Travis Cutler, Vice President; and Tom Bjerke, Project Manager of Donald P. Blake Jr, Inc. for their thoughtful and professional stewardship of the construction phase.

Congratulations Vermont Studio Center!

On steps: Gary Clark, VSC President (Left) and Milford Cushman, CDG President (Right)

The Vermont Studio Center Campus Master Planning Committee (clockwise from the left): Gary Clark, President; Tara Thacker, Visual Arts Director; Todd Haun, Interiors, Galleries, and Gardens Manager; Jim MacDowell, Plant Director; Milford Cushman, CDG President; Kathy Black, Program Director; and Louise von Weise, Co-Founder (not pictured).

VSC Board of Trustees at Kowalsky Ribbon Cutting (from the left): Melinda Hackett, Sarah Lutz, Susan Cronin, Joan Brady, and Mary Louise Pierson. Gary Clark, VSC President on steps below.

Thank you Lindsay Raymondjack for capturing the spirit and energy of the evening with your beautiful photography.

View more photos from the Vermont Studio Center Kowalsky building ribbon cutting on Facebook

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