Concept2: Celebrating over 40 years of Collaboration & Commitment to Excellence

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April 09, 2024

Concept2 is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality ergometers, exercise machines that measure exertion, and has expanded from the flagship rowing ergometer to bike and skiing machines in addition to their high performance oars. They are committed to excellence in design and engineering, continually refining their products to meet the evolving needs of elite Olympic athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Their dedication to superior craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has solidified their reputation as a leading authority in the rowing industry.

Concept2 started in a barn on a modest farm off Route 100 in Morrisville, VT. Initially a rowing oar manufacturer, the company soon expanded into indoor rowing machines, designing products that cater to both the recreational and competitive rowing markets. Expansion and development necessitated relocating to a new site just a short distance from the original farm.

Milford Cushman, Founder and President of Cushman Design Group, was a consultant when he designed the initial building for Concept2’s current manufacturing facilities in the 1980’s. Shortly thereafter, he launched his own architectural design firm. He has designed and overseen numerous expansions and renovations for the exercise equipment manufacturer, the first building was a foundation for growth and expansion over the next forty years. 


Original building design drawing from the 1980'sOriginal building design drawing from the 1980s

Original manufacturing buildingPhoto of original building from the 1980s.

In a recent conversation, Milford recounted that he lobbied for ensuring that all employees had natural light in their workspaces and that the initial design planned for future expansion. Since then, Cushman Design Group has provided architectural design services for several building additions and renovations, expanding their facilities to over 45,000 square feet of manufacturing, research and development, warehouse, and office space. 

Cushman Design Group has grown significantly as well since the early designs of the manufacturing facility. Consistently delivering exceptional designs, we are renowned for our expertise and innovative approach, a legacy of excellence spanning decades.

It was an honor to be asked, once again, to be a part of Concept2’s latest construction project. Several areas of the existing office and manufacturing facility were renovated and expanded, including the employee kitchen, exercise gym, and locker & shower rooms. The project also created an amazing entry space that displays Concept2’s entire array of rowing, training, and exercise products.

View more photos of Concept2's expansion and renovation

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