A Free Hand Fall

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November 12, 2020

Hand sketches have a captivating role in our process; conveying the "big picture" by intentionally lacking in precise detail to instead focus on the larger organizing elements. We’re particularly grateful for the opportunity to work by hand, exploring possibilities with our clients, imagining and re-imagining what home, functionality, and aesthetics mean for all of us. Our sketch work is often the first time a client sees the home they’ve imagined or dreamed of, and it becomes the first gentle step toward a project becoming tangible.

Below and to the right is a snapshot of design work in progress for a modern lake-front home. We collaboratively crafted the design of this home with our client using presentation sketches and vignettes to demonstrate the proposed concept within its context. The house is designed to orient all living spaces and bedrooms toward the waterfront, and to create generous outdoor living spaces at and above grade. We can imagine it filled with family and friends enjoying the outdoors during Vermont's dynamic seasons.

We're thrilled to be working with two engaged and curious clients to design a new contemporary mountain home to be enjoyed alongside family and friends during their retirement. The house is organized around a central living room, dining room, and kitchen arrangement with a "bridge" connecting grade at the garage to the main volume of the house. Studio spaces, a primary bedroom suite, and lower level common space and additional bedrooms establish what will become a home base during Vermont's ski season and beautiful summers. The stunning mountainside site has an expansive view of Camel's Hump that stretches from near the valley floor to the clouds and stars above.

The sketches below are conceptual in nature, intended to be a three dimensional representation of our client's requested program with initial stylistic hints taking shape. This project is now well underway and we look forward to sharing more soon!


The owners of this home on Lake Champlain approached us with a request for a rustic and welcoming entry as a part of a more comprehensive renovation. With a few clever moves and a robust concept of materials and detailing, we envision a totally stunning transformation.



A pencil study by David Koschak, CDG Designer, for a new lakeside camp and barn with a generous two-story porch overlooking the water.


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