Yellow Birches

Sited perfectly and intuitively on a beautiful parcel of land, this Vermont contemporary home is complemented by an intricate roof design, appreciated from above. The long axis of the house faces south on the gently sloping site to bring midwinter daylight and passive solar gain deep into the 16 ft. wide main volume. Just 2.5 acres of the 17.5 acre lot was developed, to minimize disturbance to the site, to preserve many of the long-lived mixed hardwood and softwood trees, including the owners’ favorite, a yellow birch with golden curly bark, and to protect the natural wetlands and stream outflow.

The fully accessible main level contains the living room, dining room, kitchen, primary bedroom and bath, and a lovely westerly screened porch. Connected to the main volume are a garage with three bays including a small studio and a workshop. The home prioritizes intuitive, organic and incredibly functional spaces combined with simple stylistic elements, hints of a mid-century modern American home.