The Brown House

Our client requested extensive renovations to the exterior and interior of their home in northern Vermont that would take better advantage of natural daylight, place an emphasis on clean modern detailing, create additional space within the master bedroom, and continue to celebrate the home's warm and welcoming timber framed interior. The addition of floor to ceiling glass in the living spaces dramatically enhances the home's connection to the outdoors, lending an open and airy feel to its interior. The existing master bedroom was tucked below the gable roof form of the house. We added two shed dormers to create a delightful space for relaxing, and to expand the magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.

The home's name originated many years ago, as the name (and color) of the owners' first home. While on vacation, the owners' children, then quite young, would say they wanted to go to "The Brown House." This meant that however enjoyable the trip they were on, that they were ready to return to their childhood home, a brown house. Before undertaking renovations to this house, the owners' second, it was agreed that the house should stay brown, or at the very least brown-ish. We are grateful to have had this delightful story of continuity shared with us, and to see our collaborative work alongside our client connect to cherished memories of their first home.

This project's success is a result of thoughtful collaboration with our clients and general contractor Donald P. Blake Jr., Inc. of Morrisville, Vermont.


In Our Clients' Words:

"The Cushman Design Group created a home for us beyond our expectations through their professional relationship-building, creativity, attention to detail, and follow-through. Everyone in the design group, beginning with Milford Cushman, took care to listen to us, think with us, and create for us our beautifully renovated home. We couldn't be happier about both the process and the outcome."


Before Renovation: