The Cabin

Our clients requested a renovation that would create additional space for their young family and allow them to move to a newly renovated home closer to relatives. Their efficiency goals were to push the energy efficiency of the building’s envelope as far as their budget would allow. It was recognized that putting additional funds into the envelope would be a sound investment as it is not something easily retrofitted at a later date. The entire house is heated with wood, and uses a high-efficiency boiler for domestic hot water. Whole house ventilation is provided by an ERV, and solar PV is planned as a future addition.

The driving goal was to deliver character and efficiency within the client’s budget. It would have been cheaper to demolish and start new, but owners were committed to working with the character and charm of the original log house. Upon completion, our client couldn’t say enough about the value of pairing with a designer that brought things outside of energy efficiency to their attention.

Before Renovation: