Mile Point Cottage

The owners of this breathtaking property requested that we design a camp style home to replace the existing flood-ravaged camp at the end of a peninsula on the shoreline of Lake Champlain. With interesting and varied lake views spanning from the cove to the east, to a long view of the lake to the north, to the westerly views of the Adirondacks, the site is simply magical.

Due to the proximity to the lake and local permitting ordinances, one of the primary challenges was to design a series of buildings to fit within the footprint of the existing camp and boathouse. We decided early on in the design process to retain the existing element of an open breezeway connection between these two buildings. The other structure on the property is a recently reconstructed camp from which we derived some of the architectural language of the new buildings to create a single harmonious composition.

We organized the spaces around the concept of an entry sequence and circulation through the house that would unfold a series of interesting and changing views, while providing comfortable and open connected spaces.


In Our Clients' Words:

"Milford Cushman and Chad Forcier of CDG designed our vacation home and attached boathouse on Lake Champlain near Vergennes, VT. CDG took full advantage of a tight, but unique waterfront location to maximize functionality, views and natural lighting, which are all incorporated into a tasteful lakehouse design. In addition to a tight construction space, the project involved rebuilding on the precise footprint of a prior structure to satisfy zoning restrictions. This limitation required great creativity to include all of the features and amenities we wanted our new home to have. CDG also designed and locally sourced many of the lighting fixtures, developed numerous unique and creative architecture details and solutions, offered valuable perspective on site preparation and landscaping and was a helpful resource in making decisions on finishes and materials."