North Hill House

This house has been designed to take advantage of the breathtaking views of the wild eastern slopes of the Green Mountains. The layout allows the oversized triple glazed windows and doors on the westerly façade to frame the magnificent view from the open kitchen, dining and living room, the master bedroom and several other prominent spaces in the house.

Our clients requested a home that would be extraordinarily energy efficient and would be able to be heated and cooled using renewable energy sources. The walls and roof are super insulated and the windows are triple glazed.


In Our Clients' words:

"Our relationship with Milford Cushman was most enjoyable, considering the size of this undertaking. My wife and I built our dream home in Stowe, Vermont. Milford and Chad understood what our expectations were and this made the whole process very pleasant. My wife who is an interior designer and who designed the whole interior of the house was very efficient and made sure all details would be submitted on time. So from the original estimation of 19 months the house was completed in 16 months. Milford did not need to supervise, since he had complete confidence in Donald Blake's capabilities. We would highly recommend Cushman Design Group for any future building projects."