Green Mountain Comfort Station

The Vermont State Parks is home of our design work which won a contest sponsored by the Vermont Wood Manufacturers Association for wooden structures to house composting toilets at outdoor recreation areas and state parks.The contest called for submissions of an outhouse design compatible with CLIVUS composting toilets for use at remote trailheads, recreation areas, and state park and forest lands throughout the state. Participants were asked to create a simple, affordable wood design that could be built using native materials. The design had to be universally accessible, easy to assemble and maintain, use natural lighting and an eco-friendly finish. It also had to fit in with the aesthetics of state parks.

In our client's words:
“What really set this design apart from the others was the ability for the structures to be developed as an economical kit which could be easily transported and assembled on site by a group of supervised volunteers or a trail crew”, said Frank Spaulding, Parks Projects Coordinator. “The aesthetics of this design also fits with almost all state park facilities, from the Civilian Conservation Corps to those parks developed in the 1960’s, and those built for today.” said Spaulding.