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Terri L. Gregory

Terri L. Gregory

Interior Design Specialist

Terri trained as a studio potter in North Carolina in the early 70’s and during her career as a professional potter she built up an original repertoire of unique glaze formulas, which she labeled and organized so they could be reproduced. In 2005 those same skills helped as she began assisting Milford Cushman creating custom colors for clients; within a short time she became employed by CDG.

Detail and result oriented, Terri also helps organize and manage specification details for project’s interior components, serving as a link between clients and contractors. Her work behind the scenes ensures the successful outcome of many phases of the group’s interior projects. When not working, Terri’s favorite things to do include riding horses, paddling, gardening and observing birds and wildlife at her home.

Contact Terri at tlg@cushmandesign.com