A New American Farmhouse

Set in a transitional place of natural diversity, the edge of woods and field, this 3,115 square foot home is in itself architecturally transitional. Our clients requested that we begin with classic Vermont farmhouse architectural forms and that we edit away all unnecessary gestures and detailing to reveal the simple aspect of non-ornamented architecture. The result is an architectural composition comprised of smaller roofed forms assembled in the way children might play with building blocks to build the residential complex. At the same time, our goal was to reflect a quality of quiet edginess, much like the site itself. Generous and playful use of windows brings in winter light and connects the interior of the home to the outdoors.


In Our Clients' Words:

"We worked with the Cushman Design Group when we built our home over 11 years ago. Milford Cushman and Chad Forcier were amazing individuals to work with, and we are very satisfied with the results. Milford and Chad are extremely talented and constantly strive for perfection - their attention to detail and sensitivity to the nuances of the project are truly remarkable. In particular, we are grateful not only for their ability to design our home to suit our lifestyle, but for their ability to site the house in a way that integrates it into the surrounding landscape."