Will Ardolino

Will Ardolino, Architect

Will Ardolino is an Architect and designer. He holds licenses in Vermont and New York. Will's most notable works include high-end residential architecture and interior design of luxury commercial suites. His portfolio of experience is diverse, also including multifamily residential, retail, places of worship, custom cabinetry, and more. He graduated with a Master of Architecture from Catholic University in Washington, DC.

Today Will finds purpose in creating dynamic relationships between people, places, and architecture, and is inspired by how a project's location influences its design. His attention to detail and compassion for balance, connects him with projected goals and facilitates quality into those same relationships he pursues.

When Will is not in the office, he can be found outdoors connecting with nature and enjoying his many hobbies, working on a project, reading books and articles, sketching plans and ideas, learning new skills, or spending quality time with his wife, family, friends, and dog.  

Contact Will at wa@cushmandesign.com