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Why CDG?

33 years.

1,000+ projects.

Still thirsty...

Our process is utterly client-centric. You are the sun in our solar system. Listenign to you, translating your requests, respecting your budget and guiding your ideas into reality is our job and our joy. Here's how we do it...

Your Intention

Whether you are solving a problem or realizing a dream (or a bit of both!) you begin with an intention. A creative, intuitive and emotional seed that has the potential to manifest and actualize. You long to create something. Our designers commit to learn what's driving your project and what pupoise it will serve so they can hold that intention close during the creative process.

Thoughtfully designed spaces manifest the sacredness of everyday life. They inspire us and hold us. They help us to live healthier lives by connecting us to the natural world and each other. These qualities and results matter to us and we are passionate about understandibng what's at the root of your intention.

Listening Deeply

…is critical. It enables us to discover the sensibilities of all the stakeholders that surround a project, giving time and space to listen to you and the land you steward. Your values, ideas and goals may take time to emerge and we LOVE to witness and translate the embodied energy around a project’s beginning.

Our job is to listen & facilitate the important conversations. Then we apply vigorous thinking and technical expertise that culminates in design that offers an illuminated and integrated balance of comfort, beauty, efficiency, prospect and refuge. Your vision is at the heart of what we craft and this works because we’re listening deeply.

Building Relationships

Successful design takes talent & perspective but realizing your project takes teamwork. CDG is part of an ecosystem of contractors, engineers & designers that support you in translating your vision into beautifully crafted architectural forms. In addition to prioritizing your needs and intention, we also nurture authentic relations with our whole network for your benefit.

The best collaborations demand honestly, flexibility and compassion, values that characterize all that we do.

Balancing Possibilites & Feasibility

The ‘Pre-Design Phase’ is the point at which we visit your space or building site and begin to merge vision and reality. This is a joyful and challenging moment that our designers are masterful at navigation with clarity & compassion.

Comprehensive analysis of distinctive features including solar orientation, topography, septic, utilities and vegetation are considered as well as zoning & permitting requirements specific to your site.

Now is the time to be clear about your budget and timeline so we may build a strong foundation upon which to initiate your project.

Pencil & Paper

A lot happens before it's time to put pencil to paper, however once we've reached taht point it's an exciting moment in every project. Utilizing what we have learned, hand-rendered drawings of your site, building, landscape or interior are created to explore how your project might inhabot its site. An initial opinion of cost is an essential ingredient of ths step, helping you evaluate how your design decisions impact your budget, and guiding our work.

Develop You Design

As concepts emerge, you and our designers come to share the same vision. We’re aligned. We know how we’d like the finished space to look and feel, and it’s time to bring it into being. At this point, we become more granular, assessing structural, mechanical and electrical systems while refining the dimensions of the project.

We thoughtfully explore with you to define the finished quality of the space – textures & materials – and begin collaboration with contractors who may prepare detailed pricing to inform decision making in preparation for beginning construction.

Craft Construction Documents

The work of translating your vision into an architectural form has been a journey – both exciting and sobering. Now it’s time to create comprehensive sets of construction documents for your contractor. These documents serve as the basis for a construction contract and are used on site every day by the contractor’s team.

History referred to a “blueprints” construction drawings carefully define dimensions, assemblies, design intent, desired details and relationships and create the framework with which interior design, material selection, fixtures and furniture selection can be advanced.

These documents may include written specifications for the site, architectural, structural and electric plans as well as contain pertinent door, window, plumbing and finished schedules.

Design, Collaborate, Build

For many of our clients, recommended contractors are interviewed as early as the schematic design phase and often selected at that time to guide decision-making with pricing, feedback and to collaborate on defining the project’s scope. Our team also frequently works with contractors who are brought in by our clients. We enjoy the deep and meaningful relationship built between client, contractor and designers. “Design. Collaborate. Build.”

Administer Construction

Finally, the nails & studs! Concrete & wood! Ideas are now being crafted into 3 dimensions and your project is under construction. Cushman Design Group will be on the job site observing progress, trouble-shooting with the contractor and providing supplemental information as needed with the goal in mind of ensuring that your intention and vision is translated effectively into physical form.

Communicating the unique design features of your project will require hands-on attention in order to be successfully crated. Our designers apply robust experience to working through questions, details and projects on the job site with your contractor.

Embody Your Space

Your space is now built. It was an adventure arriving to this moment and it has finally arrived. Congratulation’s. Making your space your own – fully embodying it- is the task at hand. Supplemental Services enhance and reinforce the aesthetic intent of your project, elevating your intention to its most elegant realization. Our designers find sustaining joy in the finish details of our work with you.

We’re proficient in:

  • Kitchen and bath design
  • Flooring material selection
  • Interior and exterior paint
  • Stain and finish details
  • Built-in cabinetry, vanity and furniture design
  • Fireplace design
  • Selection and/or custom designed lighting fixtures
  • Tile and stone selection

Inhabit Your Land

We believe that the integration of the building into the landscape is an integral part of the project. CDG offers full landscape design services to enhance a building’s connection to its site and create outdoor living spaces.