Ryan Beaulieu

Ryan Beaulieu

Ryan holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Norwich University. After graduating in 2000, he continued to work for a firm in the Mad River Valley until he joined CDG in 2010. He has developed CDG’s ability to produce 3D visualization models using Sketchup, Photoshop, and other rendering software. He is also skilled at developing early sketches into final construction drawings.

A high school trip to Germany struck Ryan with what great architecture can do for people. He found the Old World buildings and pedestrian-centric streets astounding in their beauty and detail. Ryan feels good architecture gives people a sense of comfort, and he strives for that quality on each project he undertakes.

Ryan is excited to be part of CDG because of the great relationships within the group and with its clients and contractors. He also appreciates the harmonious balance the firm achieves among collaboration, project leadership, and good business sense.

Contact Ryan at rb@cushmandesign.com