Meghan Emmett

Meghan Emmett
Marketing and Administrative Associate

Meghan’s first introduction to design began with an architecture class in high school and a three-week trip throughout Europe. Since then she has chosen to look at the world from a different perspective, and plans to pursue architecture and design as a career. CDG’s studio, with its guiding philosophy that architecture is for people not for itself, became an ideal place for her to continue her engagement with design.

Meghan is a student at the University of Vermont pursuing a dual degree in Business Administration and Sociology with a minor in Applied Design. Through her studies she wishes to better understand the symbiotic relationship between people and businesses. Her educational concentration in marketing and background in administrative work are both utilized in her work at CDG.

When not in the office Meghan enjoys spending time at the beach and on the water boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming. Having grown up a short drive from the ocean in Massachusetts, she is happy to live near Lake Champlain where she can continue to enjoy the water.

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