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Kelley Osgood

Kelley Osgood

Project Manager

A 1997 graduate of Vermont Technical College, Kelley knew he wanted a career in architecture from as early as the sixth grade. He honed his architectural skills at Wiemann Lamphere Architects for nine years before joining our team in 2006. Kelley grew up in a family of masons and worked in the trade into his college years. This field experience has been invaluable in solving practical problems in building designs.

He values the level of care the group takes in every aspect of design from how the building will look, how it will serve the client, how it will occupy the site and how it will make the smallest impact on the environment. He loves the strong team ethic at CDG and working hand in hand with contractors and artisans.

An avid fly fisherman, Kelley knows what it takes to make the perfunctory “1000 casts” to catch the elusive steelhead trout – a methodical way of thinking that serves him well in not only reading the waters that he explores but wading through the challenges of each design project.

Contact Kelley at ko@cushmandesign.com