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Jonathan Severinghaus

Jonathan Severinghaus

Marketing Associate & Design Intern

Growing up in Vermont, Jon was fascinated by the buildings he interacted with; their composition, structures, uses, and majestic rural settings. As a child he enjoyed documenting and reproducing drawings of friend’s homes or buildings of particular interest, as well as exploring his own creations on the drafting board.

Observation of and curiosity with the built environment remained a key part of Jon’s personality while he completed a degree in Economics from St. Lawrence University in 2009. His recent experience building his own home reinvigorated a long held passion for architectural design, and has led him to pursue a degree from Vermont Technical College where he is currently studying Architectural & Building Engineering Technology.

He brings a professional background in web marketing to CDG, helping to establish, direct, and maintain CDG’s online presence as well as assist with communication and advertising initiatives.

Contact Jon at js@cushmandesign.com