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Jonathan Severinghaus

Jonathan Severinghaus


Growing up in Vermont’s Connecticut River Valley, Jon’s early fascination with architecture began with observing the elegant vernacular farmhouses and barns near his family’s home, and the formal, even majestic, village homes and campus buildings in the communities surrounding Dartmouth College. Drawing buildings he saw, as well as exploring his own creations became a regular activity.

Curiosity with the built environment remained a key ingredient of Jon’s personality while studying Economics at St. Lawrence University, completing his degree in 2009. His experience building his own home reinvigorated his long-held passion for architecture and led him to pursue a degree in Architectural & Building Engineering Technology at Vermont Technical College, which he completed in May 2018. 

“I am continually fascinated by the interplay between creativity and technical expertise in our field, and using this dynamic as the catalyst for exploratory problem solving with our clients.”

An employee of CDG since 2015, Jon began as an architectural design intern and marketing associate. When not in the design studio, Jon can be found in Vermont's forests and hills mountain biking and back country skiing with his wife Shelly.

Contact Jon at js@cushmandesign.com