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Design Philosophy

We see each project as an opportunity to search for creative, intuitive and functional building solutions that reflect who you are. We see each project as an opportunity to explore what comfort, beauty, stewardship and energy efficiency means to you.

We embrace an ethos of listening. We listen to your individual and unique stories and help you find and then evoke that which will make your lives and relationships richer and healthier. This ethos is paramount to our work.

As a team, we are dedicated to clearly establishing your values and goals for the project and continuing to carefully refine these as the project progresses. This process informs our understanding and we offer this to you for your informed decision making in response to design options.

Our job is to listen and facilitate the important conversations. Then we apply rigorous thinking that culminates in designs that offer an illuminated and integrated balance of comfort, beauty, efficiency, prospect and refuge.

Thoughtfully designed buildings manifest the sacredness of everyday life. They inspire us and hold us. They help us to live healthier lives by connecting us to the natural world. These qualities and results matter to us, and we are passionate about having you be as involved in the process as you can be.

We approach our work with a sense of curiosity and a willingness to listen to and learn from those around us. We work in collaboration. CDG has built a network of dedicated contractors, craftsman and consultants who support us and our clients in realizing projects of beauty and substance. We value all the makers, artists, and skilled people who manifest our buildings.